SHELLPUB Webshell Detector tutorial for Linux

Online Webshell Detection


This tutorial is intended for installation and usage in a Linux server environment.;For Windows


  1. Download

    Browser vist

    Click[Start Now]


    Select and Click your OS version.

    Or you can download it by wget

    for linux 64 bit

    wget -O /opt/hm-linux.tgz

# for linux 32 bit 
wget -O /opt/hm-linux.tgz

# for windows
  1. Extract or install

    mkdir -p /opt/hm && mv lm-linux.tgz /opt/hm/ && cd /opt/hm
    tar xvf hm-linux.tgz

    Don't put this program into your website directory

  1. Command line


    4.1 Show Usage

     cd /opt/hm
     ./hm -h

    4.2 Show version

     ./hm version

    4.3 Scan Webshells

     ./hm scan <which directory you want to scan>
     After the scan is complete, the results will be saved as a result.csv file
     ./hm deepscan <director> 
     scan in deep mode

    4.4 Upgrade

     ./hm update    
  1. FAQ

    5.1 Fail to connect cloud

     This product uses a dual-engine approach, combining local and cloud-based engines, and requires an internet connection for accurate detection and removal. Please check if your network can access cloud services by running the following command in the command line: `curl`. If a normal result is returned, it indicates that your system time is not synchronized; please synchronize your system time first. If an error is returned, it may be due to outdated PKI certificates on your system; please upgrade the CA certificates.

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